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Review from T. - Source: RealSelf - Feb 14, 2016
44 Yo, with Bilateral Incapsulated Gel Implants. Implant Revision Done. 5'8", 180#, Athletic Build. - Houston, TX - Dr Patronella is a talented surgeon with an eye for the female body. He is able to look at your body and see where the curves should be, able to see how the curves have changed due to weight gain/loss, child birth, or maybe you just never had it to begin with.... Or the dreadful thing called effects of aging. He make eye contact with you. Talks WITH you, not AT you. Answers concerns truthfully, not just what you want to hear. His asst Ava is a doll. She is sweet and very helpful, also a wealth of information. He supplies you with your garment for aftercare. And even has a nurse come to your home or hotel for your first dressing change and education for you and or your caretaker. Real upscale concierge service! Highly recommended


As Dr. Patronella's patient coordinator for nearly 20 years, Eva Cadena will work with you to ensure that your experience is professional, courteous, and rewarding in every way. Please call her with any questions you may have.

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