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Christopher K. Patronella, Md, Facs, Fics

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery improves abdominal contours by removing excess skin, eliminating stubborn fat, and tightening the abdominal muscles. Dr. Chris Patronella has spent years studying and perfecting his advanced tummy tuck technique known as the True Form Tummy Tuck®, which provides natural-looking, defined, and smooth abdominal contours.

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

True Form Tummy Tuck®

Throughout the years, Dr. Patronella has consulted with many patients who were unhappy with the results of previous tummy tucks because they felt their tummies had an unnatural appearance or simply did not look as they had with their pre-baby bodies. To make the tummy not only flat and smooth, but with natural character, subtle definition, and elegant beauty, Dr. Patronella created a solution with the True Form Tummy Tuck®.

Achieved With True Form Tummy Tuck® Surgery

  • A Toned, Natural-Looking Tummy

    A naturally toned and youthful abdomen is not uniformly flat but has subtle contours that make it look elegantly beautiful. As a sculptor precisely chisels in order to create a new form, Dr. Patronella artistically sculpts the abdomen to reveal the attractive, natural contours that are characteristics of a youthful, toned tummy. With the True Form Tummy Tuck®, Dr. Patronella pulls the tissues downward to flatten the tummy, accents the natural contours and muscle definition, improves the navel contour, and tapers the waist and flanks to produce a longer and more graceful waistline. His attention to detail while strategically removing fat and skin emphasizes the simple, elegant beauty of the abdomen. The results reveal an abdomen that does not look surgically altered but appears naturally authentic in its firm and toned shape.

  • Tighter Skin Tone

    Pregnancy and weight loss commonly leave the abdomen with stretched-out skin. While dieting and exercise can effectively reduce fat and improve muscle tone, loose skin and weakened connective tissue generally require surgical correction to restore their firmness. A tummy tuck can remove excess skin to restore smoother stomach contours. The True Form Tummy Tuck® produces smooth transitions with no obvious “step off” from the surgery and consistent skin firmness both above and below the navel.

  • Pre-Pregnancy Stomach

    Some of the major changes that occur in the body during pregnancy include excessive stretching of the abdominal skin and the separating of the abdominal wall. After pregnancy, weakened stomach muscles and lax skin do not necessarily return to their strong and tight pre-pregnancy state. The True Form Tummy Tuck® surgery restores a pre-pregnancy tummy by tightening the abdominal wall muscles and removing excess skin to create a flatter, more attractive abdomen. It also redefines the navel so that it appears more youthful with a deep inward contour.

  • Reduced Fat

    Strict dieting and exercise may be unable to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat in areas such as the waistline and mons area beneath the navel. Dr. Patronella performs liposculpture during the True Form Tummy Tuck® procedures to create beautiful new contours that blend with the sleek new look of the abdomen.

  • Firmer and Tighter Abdominal Muscles

    Pregnancy and weight gain can weaken the abdominal muscles, which can make them unable to hold in the abdomen as firmly as they once did. The weakened connective tissue between the abdominal muscles must be surgically tightened to improve abdominal definition. With careful attention to detail and a distinct internal suturing technique, Dr. Patronella tightens the abdominal muscles and highlights the natural abdominal contours to reveal a more attractive and strongly defined abdomen. The muscle tightening provided by the True Form Tummy Tuck® creates firmer and tighter core muscles.

The True Form Tummy Tuck® Difference

Toned and defined abdominal contours

Subtle, sculpted contours and natural features

Consistent skin tone

Slimmer and flatter waistline

Sensual beauty and elegance

Tummy Tuck Surgery FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What sets the True Form Tummy Tuck® apart from other tummy tuck surgery techniques?

    While the removal of loose skin and fat are part of nearly every standard tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Patronella’s True Form Tummy Tuck® abdominoplasty approach incorporates techniques that go beyond merely restoring a uniformly flat appearance to the tummy. The goal is not simply to arbitrarily remove extra skin and fat but to do it in such a way that the abdomen is more indistinguishable from one that was naturally created. Through careful liposculpture and an anatomically distinct internal suturing technique, Dr. Patronella highlights the natural contours and proportions that characterize a youthful, toned tummy and slender waist. In addition, he places a careful focus on ensuring a smooth and uniform skin tone and tissue thickness across the entire upper and lower abdomen to create a natural appearance, while avoiding the common pitfalls that lead to awkward, surgical-looking results. By focusing on these specific modifications and additions to the standard technique, Dr. Patronella’s tummy tuck is less surgical and appears more naturally authentic, as it simulates the youthful, firm, and softly toned look that one would see on a healthy, athletic young woman.

  • Who is a candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

    Tummy tuck surgery benefits individuals who have loose abdominal skin and a lax abdominal muscle wall, which are typically the result of pregnancy, heredity, or weight gain that is followed by weight loss. It is typically best to wait until you do not have any more plans for future pregnancies before getting a tummy tuck. Dr. Patronella also performs the True Form Tummy Tuck® on candidates who have already had a tummy tuck with a previous surgeon but were unhappy with the results of their initial procedure.

  • What amount of scarring should I expect?

    Scarring is to be expected after any major surgery, but Dr. Patronella is careful to ensure that any scarring will be as minimal as possible. Strategic incision placement with the True Form Tummy Tuck® puts the lower abdominal incision low on the bikini line. This will allow you to easily conceal any scarring with clothing. Tummy tuck scars typically fade over time.

  • How is a tummy tuck after pregnancy performed?

    A tummy tuck after pregnancy corrects sagging skin, many stretch marks, and weakened abdominal muscles caused by the expansion of the uterus and abdomen during pregnancy. Dr. Patronella surgically tightens and firms the abdominal muscles using internal sutures. This part of the True Form Tummy Tuck® restores the integrity of the muscle wall so that it can hold the abdomen in rather than bulge with a tummy pooch. He also removes sagging skin and stretch marks caused by the lost skin elasticity associated with excessive skin stretching. Due to the weakened state of the abdominal wall muscles and the degree of skin laxity that commonly result from pregnancy, a tummy tuck is often the only way for many women to achieve a firm and toned abdomen after giving birth. Dr. Patronella offers tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy on its own or as a part of the Mommy Makeover procedure.

  • Can a tummy tuck after weight loss create natural-looking abdominal contours?

    Dr. Patronella can perform his True Form Tummy Tuck® after moderate or major weight loss to restore a youthful, athletic abdomen. Based on the way that weight fluctuations affect the abdominal contours, the approach for a tummy tuck after moderate weight loss differs somewhat from the techniques used for a tummy tuck after major weight loss.

    After moderate weight loss, Dr. Patronella can correct sagging skin and irregular contours by removing excess abdominal skin and fat. This diminishes the horizontal folds that often occur after moderate weight loss. The True Form Tummy Tuck® also creates a consistent level of skin firmness above and below the navel.

    After major weight loss, Dr. Patronella can typically greatly improve stretch marks and loss of muscle tone with the True Form Tummy Tuck®. His surgical techniques can eliminate the heavy, hanging skin folds that can cause dermatitis and other issues for patients who have lost more than 50 pounds. A tummy tuck after major weight loss can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a body lift to correct overall skin laxity in the torso and create smoother body contours.

  • Why should I get a tummy tuck?

    If you have tried everything—cutting carbs, cardio, crunches, Pilates, yoga, positive thinking—and you still have loose abdominal skin and a tummy bulge that won’t budge, there’s a good reason why. While sound eating habits and fitness routines lead to a healthy lifestyle, no amount of strict dieting or boot camp-style exercise can make loose skin firm and smooth again or tighten up abdominal muscles that have been weakened and stretched apart by pregnancy or previous weight gain.

    With a tummy tuck, you don’t have to live with a permanent tummy pooch and stretched-out skin. Through the removal of loose skin, reduction in excess fat, and tightening of the abdominal muscle wall, Dr. Patronella’s True Form Tummy Tuck® procedure will give you a flat, smoothly toned abdomen that allows you to wear form-fitting jeans, tops, and two-piece swimsuits with confidence

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