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True Form Tummy Tuck®
Age: 40
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 138

This young lady had previous treatment using Smart Lipo to reduce abdominal fat and tighten her skin. This procedure resulted in profound skin contour irregularity requiring revision surgery. A True Form Tummy Tuck restored the elegant natural beauty of a toned abdomen. Liposuction sculpting of the hips and thighs was done to improve transition areas for smooth. proportions.


As Dr. Patronella's patient coordinator for nearly 20 years, Eva Cadena will work with you to ensure that your experience is professional, courteous, and rewarding in every way. Please call her with any questions you may have.

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12727 Kimberley Lane, Ste. 300
Houston, TX 77024

Phone : (713) 799-9999

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