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Tummy Tuck for Men

Increasingly men are adopting health and fitness lifestyle habits to help them look and feel their best and to give themselves a competitive edge in the workforce and in social situations. Many men find that despite diet and exercise, their mid-section retains a “spare tire,” and “love handles” remain difficult to eliminate. Because men have a natural tendency to store fat in the abdomen and waist, these areas can be particularly stubborn to reduce through dieting and working out alone.

In addition, men who have experienced massive weight loss through gastric bypass surgery or dieting and exercise are often left with a significant amount of loose skin as a result of the excessive stretching force that weight gain places upon the skin and underlying structural tissues.

In a male tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Patronella restores a flat, tight look to the abdomen and recontours the waist to give it straighter lines through the removal of excess skin and fat. In most cases, men do not need to have repair of a weakened muscle wall, so their recovery time may be reduced to one week compared to 10-12 days when the muscle wall is tightened.

Because massive weight loss (greater than 100 pounds) almost always leaves behind a large amount of loose skin that encircles the abdomen, hips, waist and buttocks, many men choose to have tummy tuck surgery in conjunction with a body lift and other contouring procedures for the best aesthetic results.

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